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5 Reasons to Buy a Small House

Big things come in small packages.  When talking about buying houses, that aphorism seems unsuited.  However, smaller homes have recently been a hot seller in today’s market.  People are buying smaller square footage homes because of the big benefits that come with it.  Even though prices have declined, is that still enough incentive to own an oversized home?  Here are five reasons you might want to buy small. 

Small homes cost less.  It’s almost as involuntary as your next heart beat that the next statement to follow this illuminating epiphany is “duh.”  However, let’s not focus on the face value of the house, but instead the extra cost that come along with a large home.  Heating and cooling alone can drive a homeowner crazy.  Let’s not forget how most home-improvement projects will inevitably be on a much larger scale and require more time to complete.  A lot more exterior paint for your walls, more shingles for your roof, and more hardwood flooring for your kitchen are required for these major tasks.  In addition, the extra furniture and decorations need to be accounted for in order to furnish all those extra rooms.   

Smaller homes prevent all these problems.  Another benefit is the savings on the utility bills and home maintenance.  You’ll also save money on property tax, since you’ll have less square footage.  Check out this video for ideas to enhance small spaces.

Small houses save time.  As mentioned before, smaller homes can save you a significant amount of time not only on home-improvement projects but also on general household upkeep and cleaning.  Even though leisure time cannot be measured in terms of total value, it’s still a treasured part of being a homeowner.  With less time spending on housecleaning and maintenance, you can use your extra time to play with your kids, create a garden, cook healthier dinners, or enjoy your favorite hobbies.

Smaller homes make it easier to live simply.  Did you know goldfish only grow to the size of their environment?  In the same aspect, living in a home with less area for storage causes you store less junk.  You’ll be less likely to buy superfluous accessories causing you to live simpler and more efficient.  On the other hand, living in a smaller house doesn’t have to stunt your moral growth.  Living leaner causes you to make choices between what you want to keep and what you should donate.  Many support groups such as the Small House Society and the Small House Movement promote the idea of smaller homes being more affordable and ecological.

Smaller homes mean quality splurges.  Get ready to lose an arm and a leg if you’re looking to upgrade your five star, restaurant-sized kitchen.  Luckily for smaller homes, you won’t need as many cabinets or as much granite to get a quality updated kitchen.  You can also use the money you save from living leaner on more quality appliances and furniture.  Just because you give up square footage doesn’t mean you give up luxury.    

Small homes may be easier to sell.  Seriously.  These benefits thus far hold a lot of weight when buyers consider buying a new home.  With energy cost continually rising, smaller energy-efficient homes will continue to be in high demand in the future.  Also, there’s a broader market for smaller homes.  First time homeowners aren’t the only consumers; additionally, investors love adding smaller homes to their portfolio of rental homes, especially in growing college towns.

Don’t let the size of the home be the only factor when choosing the perfect home for your family.  Consider all the extra cost that comes with owning your “dream” mansion.  The size of a house may correspond with financial success or be downright impressive, but it’s the people inside that make that building a home.

*Source:  “5 reasons you should buy a small house” by Heather Levin of U.S. News & World Report