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While the summer market is hot, the season is drawing to an end. You may not think that matters, but we know that buyers can fade away with the colder months knocking on the door. Make your home stand out this season with 6 helpful ways to make your home one to remember:


Not a leaf out of place walking up to this home!

Be remembered for the right reasons. A buyer is guaranteed to judge the outside of your home. In most showings, it’s the first and last thing a buyer looks at. Make a good first impression and leave them with a lasting one by making sure your fall leaves are maintained, garden bed is weed free, concrete/home is power washed (weather permitting), and windows crystal clear. When it’s freezing cold that can seem un-appealing, but it can also show a buyer that you maintain your home versus the other house they looked at that has dead branches in the yard and pollen covered windows.


The monochromatic color scheme of this home allows for a buyer to imagine their own style!

Grab a paint brush. No one can deny your amazing design skills; however, some buyers may have a different taste in style. It is easier for a buyer to imagine themselves in your home if the walls are all the same neutral color. If you already have a neutral color, be sure to go back and touch up those spots or a buyer will notice. The idea is that your walls are a blank canvas for a buyer to imagine what they will do with it. That doesn’t mean you have to leave the walls completely blank though, feel free to furnish and decorate to your taste all you like



By mixing velvet, wood, cloth, and fur; this living room feels 10x more inviting!

Don’t freeze out your buyers! If your wall color is a cool neutral you’ll want warm tones for your décor or furnishings and vice versa. Choose to mix your cool neutral with more cool neutrals and your home may feel too impersonal for a buyer. The texture of those warm colors and ornaments can offset those negative clinical vibes from your home. For instance, if you’re going for the popular farmhouse look you’ll want those neutral wall colors to be offset with rough-looking warm woods, smooth bright countertops, and character pieces.



No blinds here! Simply gorgeous!

Natural light = Your new best friend. Window furnishings can sometimes mean keeping our lives private or our living rooms movie theaters. It can also mean that buyers are in the dark. Literally. When your home is being shown keep those blinds up, window curtains open, and lights on. Lighting is everything! Not only will it make your space feel airy and open, it will also mean your photographer gets the best crisp pictures in the neighborhood!



Notice a traditional piece of furniture missing? This gorgeous home didn’t have a buffet table! Without it, it gave the dining more functional space!

Less is always more. Use your furnishings to set the scene, but be careful not to exceed your space. A buyer will remember a home as small if there is too much furniture or if the furniture is too big. They will remember it as too big if you don’t have enough furniture or if the furniture is too small. This can sometimes be the hardest step as it is a balancing act. Not all furniture has to touch the ground either, for example, floating shelves can replace a bookcase. Other ideas to utilize your space could be a tall floor lamp in replace of a bulky end table, or an armchair in place of a large loveseat. Small changes such as those can give your home more functional square footage for a buyer and yourself!



Nothing is more memorable than a smell. A buyer walks into a home that smells like that one accident your pup had or the popcorn you burned last night they may lose their interest in your home. Keep your space inviting by keeping your home smelling fresh! If you have pets, we recommend letting natural air in your home as often as you can and getting your carpets shampooed. Vacuum/sweep often to keep pet hair from piling up. If you occupy your space while selling, bake cookies! We aren’t saying you have to share, but no one will forget that smell! Don’t like cookies? Fresh flowers or citrus cleaners work perfect too!

We hope you found this beneficial. These items can seem overwhelming, but with a McNaughton Real Estate Agent on your side we can help bring you connections with stagers, contractors, an in-house photographer, and so much more!

If you would like more information on how we can further help you this fall please feel free to give us a call! McNaughton Real Estate, Your Real Estate Connection (479)-442-9099

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