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Tips for Homeowners and their Home Inspectors

Home inspection tips McNaughtonWhen purchasing a house, it’s tempting to start choosing the cheapest options to avoid high costs. But like everything from clothes, food and home appliances, it is usually worth the extra expense on the front end to save you money in the long run. For example, when purchasing household items, you may not want to buy a $130 vacuum. You want the one for $70. But the vacuum for $130 cleans your carpet faster, more efficiently and lasts you 2 years longer than if you had gone the cheaper route.

It works the same when purchasing a home. A cost that may seem unnecessary on the front end will eventually save you thousands in the long run. For all homeowners, home inspectors are highly recommended. Did you know 90% of home inspectors find issues that no one would know ever existed?

Here are some tips when hiring a home inspector that can save you in the long run:

#1: Be picky when choosing your home inspector.

Think of your home inspector as your house doctor, giving your home a full check-up. You are in control of whom you hire as the health inspector, so you want someone who is going to be honest, thorough and who easily communicates with you. Since their business is with you, it is not dependent on whether you close on the house or not. So it is in their best interest to give you honest feedback about your house. But you still want someone who is going to do a thorough job and communicate with you on what issues need fixing.

#2: Be present for the inspection.

If at all possible, it is in your best interest to be present during the home inspection. This gives your home inspector the opportunity to report directly to you on specific things that he finds that need to be addressed. When buyers aren’t present during the inspection, there is a danger to major on minor details, or minor on major details. A two-hour inspection is worth the wait to save you in the end. Become friends with your house inspector! Since he’s working directly with the buyer, it’s on him to do his job; he isn’t out to scam you and your house.

#3: Don’t let your first home inspection be your last.

First, don’t wait to have your home inspected until after you close on the house. The cost of issues found can be more expensive than if you paid for one when you first were looking at the house. If you end up buying the house, continue to look for maintenance issues: clean your air vents (every 3-5 years), have your smoke detectors checked and change them when needed and sign up annually to have your units serviced.

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