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West Fork Real Estate

Small communities often have the biggest hearts and West Fork fits that description perfectly. With barely over 2,000 residents, the people of West Fork exemplify hospitality and appreciation for the beauty of the land they call their home. With homes that are very reasonably priced and located outside the hectic pace of life from nearby areas like Fayetteville, West Fork residents have time to appreciate life in the countryside.

With the pristine White River running through it, residents have established Riverside Park along its banks for community and recreational activities. It is in this park where you will often find family’s enjoying a reunion, a picnic, or just admiring the mountains located to the east and west. Riverside Park also features playground equipment; many pavilions and a walking path that is perfect for spotting the amazing variety of Arkansas wildlife that find West Fork a serene place to frolic.

Homes in West Fork aren’t situated in a sophisticated city atmosphere, but offer a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of nearby areas like Fayetteville and other Northwestern Arkansas areas. West Fork schools are terrific, providing an excellent student-to-teacher ratio that benefits the children, an incredibly low crime rate and, of course, country living at its finest. Being so close to so many other municipalities in Northwest Arkansas allows West Fork residents to easily commute to work and return to country for a peaceful evening the comfort of family and friends.