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Top 10 Workout Supplements for Men Women

With a new year comes new resolutions and if you’re like everyone else in the world, it’s just a new start to try last year’s resolutions again.  Nevertheless, the general consensus at our office is to get in shape this year.  As a result,  we can be on our “A” game to help with your real estate needs (and so we can live longer) but mostly to help you (“And the salesman of the year goes to…”) All jokes aside, let’s get those sweatbands on and educate ourselves on the top 10 supplements for men and women.

Top 10 Workout Supplements for Men & Women   

1. Whey Protein Powder

    • Men – Whey protein powder is a clean, natural, and effective supplement for building muscle and burning fat.  It provides essential amino acids that our muscles need.
    • Women – This stuff isn’t only for men.  It helps fight cravings for unhealthy foods, keeps you energized for workouts, and helps you lose considerable tummy fat. 

    2. Multi Vitamins

      • Men – Even if you’re consistent with a daily healthy diet, a strenuous workout can deplete those nutrients.  Taking a multi vitamin designed for men helps the recovery process.
      • Women – Same story for women.  Find a multi vitamin designed for women.


      3. Creatine

        • Men & Women – One of the most effective and researched supplement, creatine is naturally found in meats and helps your body store and use more energy especially in intense situations.  So if you’re looking for a little motivation for those extra repetitions, here’s your answer.

        4. Pre-workout energy drink

          • Men – Pre-workout gives you that boost you need to plunge into an intensive workout.  Most of these energy drinks contain caffeine, nitric oxide, and other metabolism charging compounds, which gives you a rush of energy. 
          • Women – If you need motivation just to get started, then invest in a pre-workout energy that is targeted for women.  Women’s pre-workout energy drinks consist of some great ingredients like Green Tea and natural  amino acids like Taurine and Arginine. 

          5. Omega 3’s

            • Men & Women – This supplement contains essential fatty acids that we need because our bodies cannot create them by itself.  Omega 3’s help with cardiovascular health, cognitive function, rebuilds cells, and restores joint flexibility.

            6. Thermogenic Fat Burner

              • Men & Women – These aren’t essential but are popular among women.  Be sure to look for a “metabolism boosting” thermogenic fat burner because these have the least side effects.  When using these, make sure to follow up with a great diet with plenty of water.   

              7. BCAA’s

                • Men – Containing three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine, branch chained amino acids help spare our muscles from being broken down during your workout.  BCAA’s help you gain muscle which will help you burn more calories.  When combined with BCAA’s, glutamine plays a primary role for protein synthesis and is a cellular energy resource.  This is great as a post-workout supplement. 
                • Women – Don’t worry about increasing muscle mass.  Gaining muscle doesn’t necessarily mean greater bulk.  You need muscles to burn more calories.

                8. Natural Sleep Supplement

                  • Men & Women – Sleep is what our bodies need to help rebuild muscle.  During sleep, your muscles repair, recover, and grow; therefore, depriving yourself from rich deep sleep robs yourself from these benefits.

                  9. Casein Protein & Antioxidants

                    • Men – Unlike whey protein, casein protein has a natural time-release.  This supplement maintains a steady level in our amino acids for our muscles.  It should be taken an hour or two before going to bed in order to reap its benefits while your muscles are repairing in your sleep.
                    • Women – Want to look younger?  Then you’ll need to reduce stress and eliminate toxins.  What supplement helps you do this?  Antioxidants.  Acai and Gojiberry have high antioxidant content, which is why they’ve been receiving a great deal of publicity.

                    10. Joint Support

                      • Men & Women – Glucosamine can help support flexibility and mobility for your joints.  With a greater range of motion for your joints and muscles, you can receive better results when strength training.  Also, joint support supplements can assist with knee, shoulder, and back pain.


                      Note: The pictures supplied for each supplement are examples and are not preferences.